It hasn’t always been easy for me to open up my heart to strangers, but God has shown me the beauty and blessings of being vulnerable for His glory. So be prepared for this middle-aged woman (gulp) to get “real” with the issues we all face as women.

What can I tell you about myself? Well, what I used to do for a living and what I do now are two very different but Divinely connected things. For over ten years I worked as a Critical Care Registered Nurse in the Transplant and Thoracic ICU, as well as the ER, and spent time as an adjunct Nursing Professor. Every where I turned I saw hearts broken physically, emotionally and spiritually. When my own son required open heart surgery, God moved me from the “nurse in control” side of the bed to the “sit down and trust Me” side of the bed.

Since that first surgery 20 years ago, I knew God was calling me to teach and speak in another critical area: the spiritual needs of a woman’s heart. Now, as an inspirational speaker and author, it is my desire and honor to point to God and follow the words of Jeremiah, “Let us examine and probe our ways, and let us return to the Lord. We lift up our hearts and hands towards God in heaven.” (Lam 3:40-41)

I’d love for you to join me with a cup of coffee (and a cookie for those of you who really know me) as we open our hearts together to Him. I can’t wait to share so many stories from both sides of the bed.


Cyndi Schatzman RN MS (CCRN)

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